2019 Summer League

Sunday 4 on 4 Adult Flag Football League

2019 Summer League


Location: Rotary Park, Lake Havasu City



Open – April 27th

Closes – May 29th


Regular Season Games: Sunday June 2nd – July 21st*

Post Season Tournament (playoffs) at the end of the season


Schedule will be posted By May 30th 2019


1 division.

10 regular season games.

Post season Tournament* if more than 3 teams top 6 teams advance to playoffs.

Stats Are Also Kept for: Passing Tds, Rushing/Receiving Tds, Interceptions Thrown, Flag Pulls, Interceptions, Defensive Tds, Sacks, and Safeties. Awards will be given out to top honors for Passing Tds, Rushing/Receiving Tds, Defensive Int’s, Defensive Tds, and Sacks.


Teams must have a minimum of 4 players but no more than 8


$250 Team Sponsor Fee PLUS $30 per player

OR if a team cannot field a sponsor, player fee is $50 per player.

For information, contact lhcflagfootball@yahoo.com or message on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/LHCflagfootball/


To Pay use Venmo: http://www.venmo.com/lhcflagfootball

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