League Meeting Recap

Issues addressed at league Meeting 10/16/18
Rusher must be at 7 yards when ball is snapped. If he jumps early, he will not be allowed to step back after the snap and rush in. He would only be allowed to rush in if there is a handoff or a pitch/backwards pass. Games will start this weekend at the t-ball field at Sara Park for the season until December 9th and 16th. On those dates, they will be at rotary park.
Player Conduct rule is as follows: Warning for minor infraction, unsportsmanlike follows (if severe enough then ejected) 2nd unsportsmanlike is automatic ejection. Players ejected will be suspended for the rest of the game AND the following game.
Team captain is only allowed to question the refs about calls. That way, we limit player interaction with refs.
Final Rosters will be set after the start of the teams 9th game. No subs for playoffs. During the season a sub is allowed if a team has 5 or less players and other team allows a sub…sub fee is $10 per game.
Teams will play each team 1 time for 8 games. The 9th and 10th game was decided randomly. Each team was put in the random generator and divided up into 3 groups.
Groups are as follows:



Schedule will be finished by October 19th and posted under schedule.

Playoffs will be limited to the top 7 teams in standings. 1 Seed will receive a Bye in playoffs. Seed 2 will play seed 7, Seed 3 will play Seed 6 and Seed 4 will play Seed 5.

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